Cocktail for MAC

All things in your life require some care and maintenance. Whether it is your garden, a machine or your relationships, they are at their best if some effort is put into them constantly. Similarly, a computer system needs some maintenance work periodically for it to perform its best and to increase the life of the computer.

Cocktail for MAC is one such application that performs multiple clean up functions. Whether it is managing files, data or optimization of the hardware functions, this tool allows users to aid the performance of the system. It is a perfect combination of maintenance and tweaks. Here are some features that will convince you that the tool is worth a shot-

Simple Interface

Although this application performs a wide variety of tasks for maintaining your computer. It does not have a complex interface that would require more time to get accustomed to or understand. It does require the user to have a lot of technical know how or knowledge of the system in general.

Access To Disk Functions

Cocktail for MAC allows user to gain unhindered access to the dirk and its functionalities. The application allows users to change the disk settings, set the sleep time for for the disk and repairs user permissions to allow the user to access the restricted parts of the disk. It also allows users to modify standby delay. This makes it an unparalleled choice as far as disk maintenance is concerned.

Automatic Pilot Mode

It can be difficult to manually monitor the tasks that Cocktail for MAC performs. For this reason it has an automatic pilot mode that performs all the functions without a cue and lets users click one button and leave the application unmonitored.

Multiple Payment Modes

Cocktail for MAC allows users to access the application ten times before the trial period ends and then you can pay for these great services by any mode of payment you see fit. The tool can be paid for by cash, cheques, money orders and online payment methods such as credit cards and net banking. This makes the tool easy to use.

With these exceptional features one must be convinced that this tool is the right choice for you. Go ahead and download today!