CmapTools for Mac

CmapTools for Mac is a great way to construct, navigate, share and edit concept maps. Concept maps are nothing but an effective way that helps you in organizing projects, distributing tasks and is also great in illustrating a term paper using a vivid explanatory chart. CmapTools makes all these things much easier and simpler to do.

Whether you want to design relational charts, concept maps or any kind of diagram, this app helps you to create these things in a simple way. It has an intuitive interface, where with double-click on the screen, you can create a new element and with right-click on it you will be able to customize the appearance of the element.

CmapTools enables you to export your created charts to a number of file formats, such as XML, PDF, HTML and others. You can also share your charts with others on the internet.

Why CmapTools for Mac is considered as the best solution as compared to other similar apps? It is all due to its ability, with the help of which you can create online concept maps and you can also include attached files and URLs to other websites. You can interact with content via a browser with the interactive diagrams created by CmapTools. The sharing feature makes it more useful for you as you can now share your work with other people all around the world, thus there is no need to be on the same local network.

The tool has loads of public servers which are available to store your maps and the attached files related to it.

Some Key Features of CmapTools for Mac Includes

  • It allows you to construct and edit concept maps your Mac easily.
  • You can share your created concept maps online with people all around the world.
  • It enables to share your one concept maps to other concept maps.
  • It is capable of creating web pages of concept maps automatically.
  • The app provides you the facility to search for anything on the web for your concept map.

So if you want to create, edit, share, link and export your concept maps, CmapTools is a great choice for you.