CloudMounter for Mac

Although a cloud based storage system allows users to store large amounts of data without having to dig into the resources that are available to them on their computer hardware. This makes their job a lot easier and makes it easier on the computer system. However, this also means that the data stored on the cloud cannot be accessed without an internet connection. This makes it difficult for users to function from remote locations.

CloudMaster for MAC is a great tool to solve this problem. Mounting cloud storage on the desktop is a great idea because even the fastest internet connections available to consumers isn’t enough to transfer gigabyte-plus sized files as fast as attaching external hard drives to your Mac. here are some features of the tool-

User Friendly

CloudMounter for MAC displays status icons in the finder so users can see which files are in the queue, which ones are uploading or downloading, or hads had errors during the transfer. This helps the user keep a complete track of all the activities being performed by the tool and keeps them in the loop at all times.

Connects to Other Tools

If a user wants to access multiple cloud accounts or other services like Amazon S3, FTP/SFTP, WebDAV, or Box they can download CloudMounter for MAC from the Mac App Store, which allows them to connect to all the different streaming sites and tools. This makes the tool very flexible and enjoyable.

The Interface

CloudMaster for MAC is a remote storage that appears as a volume with a colorful icon on the desktop, which can be used to drag and drop files just like local hard drives. How fast transfers are made depends entirely on the speed of your internet connection but the efficiency is high when you use this tool.

These features must have convinced you that CloudMAster for MAC is a great tool that helps users stay connected to the data that is stored on their cloud storage.