Calendar 366 II for Mac

A calendar is an important part of anybody’s planning and it makes tracking tasks and deadlines much easier. A lot of people depend on the calendar displayed on the screen on their computer systems. They mark their appointments, meetings etc using these tools and make sure that their time management is an easy process.

Although calendars are available to each and every user that uses Mac, there is a more refined version called Calendar 366 II for Mac that is available to all Mac users. Here are some of the key features that make this tool a great replacement for your average calendar.

Custom Views

The tool has a beautiful fresh design and it allows the users to choose the view that they want. Calendar 366 II for Mac comes with nine different themes and eight different views apart from the choice of viewing the calendar on a portrait or landscape mode. This allows the user to customize their calendar and make complete use of this tool.

Reminders and Events

Not only does Calendar 366 II for Mac allow you to set reminders and mark events on the calendar, it also allows you to edit and view them at any given time. If you are running on a tight schedule and have multiple events and meetings marked for the week, the tool helps you mark the location of the events clearing your mind of multiple things at the same time.

Touch Bar Support

Like many Tools have widgets, the Calendar 366 II for Mac allows the user to access their calendar using a touch bar that occupies little space and allows users to access all the different functions without having to bother with an entire window occupying their screen.

With these great features, the Calendar 355 II pro makes the lives of its users much easier and makes it very convenient for them to keep track of their schedule and commitments.

It is truly a great tool to have in your tool-kit and can replace your conventional calendar with great ease. You will never have to look back! Download it today to see the difference!