Buildbox for Mac

Buildbox is an app that enables you to create wonderful games whether you have the technical knowledge or not. The app is quite easier to use, making it possible for novices to understand and access its features with great ease. The unique user interface is something that enables game enthusiasts to make their own game without any need of scripting, programming, coding or any designing experience.

Buildbox for Mac offers more than your imagination. It has a simple aim which focuses on letting anyone make an ultimate video game of their choice. Moreover, the tools and functions required for creating a video game are all easily available within the app. Apart from its easily accessible features, it provides you an opportunity to create hit video games and show your creativity, imagination and gaming skills.

The creator tool in the app enables you to choose the variables, create the frame of your video game and once it is done, the app adds placeholders immediately to support you in starting the game. Everything you require for creating a game is all set automatically by the creator tool.

Apart from these, Buildbox for Mac has many more features to offer. Have a look at some of them.

Character Settings

You can add a wide range of animations and effects to your character and can give shape to it. You can also allow them to shoot, move, jump or any activity you want. You can add sound, choose shadow and can also add Auto tilt option to make your character livelier.

Edit scene

You can use Scene editor feature to add graphics according to your gameplay style. It consists of nothing more than your character, background, one enemy and some effects. You can view all layers of your game, and can even hide, lock or rearrange them.

Developer tools

Buildbox app offers multiple developer tools that not only help in making video games but also work effectively in making outstanding games. These tools also help you in determining the smooth running of your gameplay

In addition to these, Buildbox for Mac has drag and drop function, light effects, interactive animations and many more. So get it and make an ultimate video game.