Brave for Mac

Brave for Mac is a highly secure and open-source web browser that works effectively in blocking website trackers and removing annoying ads. Instead, it shows the ads sold by Eich’s company, co-founder of the Mozilla project.

As blocking ads and tracking is done automatically, it makes this browser much faster and safer as compared to other web browsers. It can amaze anyone by reducing the loading time to 60%, all because of its underlying ad technology. You can easily download, install or update Brace for Mac and enjoy using its features.

Apart from this, the browser also puts focus on improving your online privacy, where your zero or minimal data is shared with ad customers. All this is done by aiming web ads through analyzing the browser history of the users. The browser works great in dividing the ad revenue with a certain percentage to itself, content publishers, ad partners and of course you as the browser’s user.

In other words, we can say that this Brave for Mac is developed specifically to block ads and unauthorized trackers, which not only slow down your browsing speed but consume high bandwidth and other resources. It also prevents your private data from prying eyes.

Being a Chromium-based web browser, it gives similar performance and web compatibility to other browsers based on Chromium.

Useful Features of Brave for Mac

  • It helps you to browse faster by blocking trackers and disturbing ads which slow down the browsing speed.
  • It ensures to keep your private information safe from being tracked by third-party.
  • It provides you a facility to choose whether you want to see ads or want to help fund content creators.
  • It keeps you Mac OS away from malvertising, the latest ad technology that installs malware on your system without your knowledge.
  • It has the ability to redirect websites to HTTPS and make sure that you are always moving across the safest place.
  • It also blocks tracking pixels and cookies, and do not let others to track your activities while you shop online.