Brackets for Mac

Brackets for Mac is an open-source text editor which is designed specifically for web developers and front-end developers. The main aim of launching this free text editor is to provide a simple and easy solution to process the coding, and also provides coders a facility to share their work with others using the number of platforms.

The text editor is quite easy to use, lightweight and powerful when it comes to the collection of development tools. This editor has a combination of various kinds of visual tools which helps you to perform your editing tasks with great ease without limiting your creative process.

If you are working in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on your Mac, you can consider using Brackets to experience smooth coding process. The crisp, clean and easy to understand the interface of this text editor helps you to make use of this tool in your way without any hassle. The Quick edit UI is there to prevent you from messing up your coding environment. So, in short, we can say that Brackets can be your best companion when you need helping hands as the best text editor for Mac.

Why choose Brackets for Mac?

No doubt there can be many reasons for choosing Brackets over other text editors for Mac, here we have come up with few of its features that encourage developers to use this text editor.

Extract for Preview Extension

The extract for the preview extension of Brackets allows you to get the design information or we can say code hints from a PSD, which includes colors, fonts, size information, and many others to ease your coding process. It also helps you in extracting layers as images.

Inline window

Brackets keep you away from hopping between file tabs; all it does is allow you to open a window into the code you are working on. Even if you want to work on CSS containing a particular ID, you can do this using this tool. You just require putting your cursor on that specific ID, click Command or press Ctrl+E, you will see all the CSS selectors associated with that ID in an inline window.

Live Preview

You can preview all your work in a real-time connection to the web browser. When you make any change to CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, you can preview it instantly on your screen.

Best of all, Brackets helps you to build the code editor for the web.