BatChmod for MAC

It is a well known fact that with the increasing user friendliness of operating systems, it becomes more and more difficult to change the settings and permissions on the computer system. It is very difficult for a MAC user to perform all of these tasks and it is very difficult for a person with little technical knowhow to navigate their way through the OS. a user with lack of technical knowledge would need a tool or application to be able to perform these tasks.

BatChmod for MAC is a great way to manage all these functionalities for the MAC OS. It is a great way to tackle permission issues, directories etc.

Features of Batchmod for Mac

Terminal for Access

It provides the user with an inbuilt terminal that makes it easier to access all the functions that one requires. It allows the user to adjust permissions with the help of a simple and efficient interface. All you have to do is browse the file or folder that you’d like to change the permissions on. It should be used with care.

Reverse your Choices

If you have managed to change some settings making some files and folders inaccessible then it is important for you to be able to reverse your decision. Without BatChmod for MAC this would be more and more difficult. BatChmod gives you instant access to correct your errors.

Select Different Files and Folders

It is possible to change the settings of different files and folders, using BatChmod for MAC. It allows users to search for certain data that they want to work with in order to change their permissions or otherwise. This is a great way to tackle a complex task with great simplicity although tool should be used with much care in this matter.

BatChmod is a great tool for users who wish to have more control over their computer directory and it makes the lives of people who are not familiar with the MAC terminal much easier.