Bartender 2 for Mac

Bartender 2 for Mac is wonderful software that allows you to organize your menu bar apps on your Mac by performing various tasks. It lets you hide, rearrange or even move the apps on the menu bar to the Bartender bar. It is considered as the best solution if you want something to keep your apps well-organized to access them easily and conveniently.

Using Mac means you have several apps that have hustled with a menu bar on Mac that provides the number of notifications that may make you feel stress. Many apps that come with menu bar icons make it difficult for you to access the main menu bar easily, because all the menu bar icons of the apps take over the main menu bar quickly.

So, in this situation, Bartender 2 comes out as the solution of this problem where you can move these menu bar icons in this software and access all of them with great ease.

When you have Bartender 2 on your Mac OS X, it enables you to view the full menu bar with the multiple options that can be set to have the menu bar apps in the Bartender bar when these apps are updated. In other words, no matter what type of apps you have in your Mac menu bar, these apps will always visible in the bartender bar.

The bartender bar can be configured in various ways. So, simply install Bartender 2 on your Mac and enjoy organizing your menu bar in your way.

Some of the Key Features of Bartender 2 for Mac

  • It allows you to keep your menu bar clean and organized in the way you want.
  • You can view the apps of the menu bar whenever you want and that too easily in the bartender bar.
  • This software also provides you a facility where you can hide some apps which you want to run but do not want to view.
  • It keeps you away from the cluttered menu bar and gives clean looking menu bar.
  • The apps and other items in the menu bar can be rearranged in your own way.

Bartender 2 for Mac provides you a great way to have full control of your menu bar. It is available for free for four weeks and to enjoy its full version, you have to buy this software available at a reasonable price.