Banktivity for Mac

Banktivity, earlier known as iBank, is money management app which is designed and developed for Mac users. With the help of this app, you are able to view all of your accounts at one location. It provides you a great way to make smarter and informed financial decisions.

Banktivity for Mac has an intuitive user interface and a wide range of money management features which makes it one of the best choices for Mac personal finance. The App allows you to perform multiple tasks related to your accounts, such as entering and modifying the transactions easily, paying bills online, downloading the data of online accounts, settling your statements and even tracking the investments.

With just a few clicks, you are able to create powerful and changeable reports with the help of templates in the app.

Some features of Banktivity for Mac

Easy to use

It enables you to add your accounts in just minutes, where you can connect to more than 14,000 banks. The value of your home as well as other property can easily be tracked in this app.

Easy to understand

The app makes each and every complex financial situation easier to understand, thus you need not to confuse about what you can afford and what cannot.

Envelope budgeting

Everyone has its own financial goals like it can be paying off a credit card, save money to buy a house, save money to home remodeling or anything. The app is capable of helping you to reach these goals by providing envelope budgeting.

View net worth

You must have an adequate amount of money to deal with the tough situations, which can arise anytime. So, Banktivity helps you view your net worth so that you can ensure to build wealth consistently.

Keep track of Long-term investments

It also provides you a facility to see how your investments, such as retirement and home value are executing. The app is capable of keeping track of all your long-term investments and even updates the value of your real estate.

Investment performance

It also helps you in viewing the metrics of your investments by providing the integrated portfolio or you can even see the performance of an individual investment.

Banktivity for Mac tracks and manages your personal finance like no other app.