AVG Secure VPN for Mac

If you are looking for a reliable VPN which can look after your privacy while surfing the web or on any application then AVG Secure VPN is the perfect solution for your problem. AVG Secure VPN is a safe VPN software which is available for Windows, Android and as well as for Mac platform. The application can protect you by encrypting your IP address by using the hardest algorithm available making it perplexing for any Hackers, your ISP, even your government or anybody to track you.

Apart from these, the application provides a lot of Key features to its users.

Some Key Features of AVG Secure VPN

Simple and Easy UI

The website provides a simple and easy UI for its users to navigate through the application and connect to VPN servers across the globe, enhancing the interface of the application.

Hardest Encryption Algorithm

When it comes to protection, the AVG Secure VPN is designed with the hardest encryption algorithm, which gives total protection to its users to browse and access the internet in a safe and secure manner.

Kill Switch

In case, if the VPN is unable to cover the network then this feature comes into play. The feature adds an extra layer to privacy by cutting off the connection, if the VPN connection is lost.

Servers Across The Globe

The AVG Secure VPN is determined to provide its servers across the globe at different country locations. The servers are available to 24×7 to all of its users and can be connected readily from any locations across the world.


AVG Secure VPN is easy to use VPN which can be easily installed within minutes and can be accessed across different platforms such as Mac, Windows and also Android. Moreover, it can be used over 5 different devices at a time. The VPN comes with a 30-day free trial.