Amphetamine for Mac

Due to the power saving nature of all devices, the screen seems to go into screensaver mode or shut down after a given period of time. This is a huge problem for people who are doing research work, taking notes from the net or simply performing a task that requires them to observe the screen without performing any function. It becomes a tedious job to keep waking the screen up.

Amphetamine for Mac, as its name describes is a way to keep your monitor on for longer and manually select the time for which the display remains on. There are several features in this application. Some of them are listed below-

Select your Time

Amphetamine for Mac allows you to select the time for which you wish that your computer screen remains active. This means you can choose to keep the monitor on for an indefinite amount of time. You can also choose to shut the screen down after a specified period. This is a great way to manage your functions and ensures that you make the best of your time and do not let the computer sleep.

Create a Trigger

It is also possible to create a trigger that will automatically wake your computer up. This can be done for several different situations such as when a USB or Bluetooth device is connected, when a specific app is running, when an external display is connected and when your Mac’s power adapter is connected.

Free of Cost

Amphetamine for Mac is not only free of costs, it also does not compensate for that loss by bombarding their users with ads and in-app purchases. All the functions are free of cost and it does not have any hidden additional costs. It does not track or harvest your data and does not ask for feedback time and again. It is truly the most hassle free application one can find.

With these features, one should be convinced that the tool is certainly worth trying. To enjoy these and other amazing features, download the tool today!