Airfoil for Mac

Airfoil is an amazing audio management app that allows you to stream audio files from your Mac to Airport Express units quickly and effortlessly. These Airport devices can be Apple TVs and other Macs; all is done by synchronizing everything and have your favorite music everywhere.

Airfoil for Mac ensures to deliver an entirely unique experience. Synchronizing devices and Macs are quite easier and faster. Moreover, the user-friendly and clear graphical user interface is something that enables you to access this app with great ease. You can see the list of all the devices which you can synchronize to, all you require is activating these devices and check the volume and equalizer you want for your audio. It means you can listen to your favorite music anywhere.

Whether you have Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, QuickTime Player or any other media player, this app is highly capable of transmitting audio from any media player effectively. It is also a great choice for sending audio from a wide range of web-based apps, such as Pandora, or other to AirPort device. With this app, the audio can also be streamed from various audio devices around your house; these audio devices can be RadioShark, Sirius radios, and others.

It enables you to stream any kind of audio from your system throughout the network. The audio can also be sent to iOS devices and other systems.

Why you need Airfoil for Mac?

  • The app can be used to stream any audio on your Mac, these include Spotify, Pandora or any other audio sources.
  • You can stream the music to speakers so that you can enjoy your music all around the house.
  • Airfoil Satellite allows you to remotely control the app on your Mac.
  • You can stream the audio from your Mac to Apple TV, AirPort devices, Cast devices, Bluetooth audio speakers, iOS devices and many more.
  • It provides you a facility to play music to one or a dozen of different devices at a time and with perfect synchronization.

Overall, Airfoil for Mac is highly efficient, useful and easy to use app which you must try to experience to listen to your music much better.