1Password for Mac

Do you find it hard to manage so many passwords at a time? 1Password for Mac keeps you away from this struggle. It is a simple and powerful password manager that helps you in managing your passwords easily and safely. It saves and fills the required passwords in the web browser.

When you have 1Password, everything will be available at your fingertips. Also, you need not remember your passwords as everything is done by this app effectively. It remembers all your passwords and keeps them safe, all you need is to remember just one password. It is one of the greatest password managers you have ever found.

To avail its benefits, you have to set up 1Password on your Mac.

Key Features

Create Strong and Unique Passwords

It is highly capable of creating strong and unique passwords for all your websites. It also helps in filling all required details, such as username, password, credit card information, etc., in the websites straight from your browser. You can also share your passwords with others securely.

Keep Safe

1Password not only focus on remembering your passwords but is also effective in notifying you when any of your information gets exposed on any website. It helps you in making strong and unique passwords for websites where you have used the same passwords.

Organize Information

1Password for Mac does more than what you actually think about it. It enables you to keep your information safe and easily accessible by storing various kinds of information such as logins, credit cards, passports, bank accounts and many more. All information can be organized through tags and favorites. It also allows you to do an advanced search, create multiple vaults, upload documents, store security questions, and others.

Add Multiple Accounts

It allows you to add all accounts including family, business, team, enabling all of them to view all information at one place. The information can also be moved between accounts.

1Password for Mac is available for the 30-day trial, so you need a subscription for use this password manager on your Mac for more than one month. If you want to keep your online accounts and data secure and up-to-date automatically, start using 1Password today only.