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  • Community is filling with Spam users and posts
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    Please require some kind of verification for new users and posts

  • Mr
    Posted By:

  • Html5 vedio
    Posted By:

    Adding the ability to have HTML5 video support with a way for it to fall back to flash if HTML5 non supported.

  • HTML5 Print js
    Posted By: agrublev

    Add ability to print HTML5 pages with JS in IE

  • Change “classic”  clearing element to more modern approach
    Posted By:

    I’m surprised that this “modern” framework is still relying on a 4+ year old method that adds structural markup to solve the float problem. There are many “breakthrough” methods out there and while the below solution (originally written by Andy Clarke). Although IE7 forced everyone to freak a bit a solution was added the original IMHO, superior solution. Again, this works in every situation I’ve ever used. As an aside I’ve been using the below code (changed .clearfix to .cf for brevity) since the original article was written. Possible changes would be moving the * html hack to the IE stylesheet…

  • Grid.css - append and prepend classes
    Posted By:

    I think it’s useful to provide append and prepend classes in the grid.css for fast positioning. Demo provided.

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